Just finished FB Burn Round 2 and FB Reach! And I'm very excited to start with FB Strong next week Monday. Just a couple of little victories I achieved in the last month:

- Raised my weights for squats up to 9,5 kilo per hand

- Did side hip raises from the toes instead of from the knees

- Needed fewer breaks during HIIT

- I now am very proud of my ass and hips

- Discovered I love pilates

... and most importantly: I gained 5 kilo! I started working out again because I felt weak and I had a long period of extreme stress in which I lost 12 kilo (or more, not even sure). I weighed 55 kilo and I felt skinny, shapeless, powerless. I was afraid I'd lose even more weight if I started working out again. But thankfully I finally managed to gain some weight, without going up in clothing size! All my clothes still fit just fine (so as often said here; the number on the scale doesn't mean much!) And I seem to be able to maintain this weight.

Just wanted to share with you guys to show that the little victories are not always on the scale. Improvement in strength and endurance are so important and good motivators!

Happy weekend everyone!