Fat loss after 35

I’m struggling. I’m not new to FB but new to plus and being consistent with their workouts. I’m almost 37 and have gained 5lbs this year and can’t get it to budge. That’s on top of the 10lbs I’ve been needing to lose since my last baby. I’m always bloated too. I know I have food sensitivities but I struggle with never eating them bc the list is long….eggs, wheat, dairy, nightshade veggies, mushrooms, white potatoes, peas (which knocks out a lot of vegan protein powders and the dairy knocks out all the whey varieties), garlic, honey, ginger.

I’ve tried keto, low carb, counting calories, weight watchers, trim healthy mama….even when I stick to it, it doesn’t seem to make my fat move. And I also do measurements….I’m bigger, not smaller.

Any tips, advice?