Exercising with your SO

Hey all!

As Ive mentioned some time ago in some sort of community thread, maybe PPals, that Im starting to exercise with my partner. So Ive come to tell you some updates.

At first I overlooked him doing some fundamental exercises, he is now a little more sure of himself. We can do this stuff at the same time and sometimes I make remarks about his form if needed. Most importantly, he is starting to feel the benefit of stretching! He told me his lower back stiffness and pain is less occurring and on some days almost gone. 🥳 Now he doesnt resist so much when I suggest to do a stretching routine together. ❤

However, our (or rather mine?) initial plan was to do FB Strong in the summer but now I am reconsidering it. He has a lot of respect for weight lifting and I totally get that he doesnt want to go there yet. So Im thinking we could do the new Reach challenge together, as he seems to enjoy the stretching workouts, and maybe Low Impact 2 program in the summer. Im just feeling grateful he enjoys some form of exercising and we are gonna stick to it. And more fundamentals workouts will do good to me as well. We also love to go for hikes or roller skating, or just plain old walks together. 😊

Id like to ask you guys, are you working out with your partners/husbands/wives? If so, what kind of workouts do you both enjoy? I think at some time I read Florians comment about working out with his wife, I think they were doing FB Strong together? If not, please correct me. 😁

I hope you all are doing great, take care!