Putting fitness/health into perspective


I never usually post on forums, but here goes nothing. I came across a Facebook photo memory of myself from high school track the other day, taken almost ten years prior to the one on the right after a particularly intense lower body/abs workout( thanks Kelli ;)). In the image on the right, I’m probably about 15-20 lbs heavier. I don’t think 17 year old me would have believed that, because back then I associated weight gain with loss of fitness. Kelli and Daniel would want me to point out that there is nothing wrong with either picture. I share this only to express that as an adult, and with the help of FitnessBlender, I’ve come to realize the number on the scale is a sliver in the overall fitness pie chart. I’ve also learned to put my fitness and health into perspective. Back then, I didn’t have the same lifestyle(full time desk job+social life+family/friends/SO time=way less hours for workouts). Still, I’ve made a conscious effort to incorporate workouts and clean eating into my daily routine. I can’t run a 5:30 mile now, but back then I couldn’t do a burpee or deadlift to save my life. For the first time ever, I’ve actually enjoyed strength training! If I had focused on weight gain and not my overall fitness, I wouldn’t have appreciated the strength I’ve gained through these workouts. Thanks FitnessBlender!