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I’m now on day 14 on fb fit 8-week program. I have a scale at home that measure body fat and muscle mass. I have been tracking my calories, average per day 1500 kcal. I also strength train at a gym 1-2 times per week. I weighed myself today and I’m up 0.5kg. And body fat haven’t changed (33%), and muscle mass have decreased slightly (also 33%). I’ve been trying to up my protein intake with beans and tofu (I’m vegan, please don’t tell me I need meat), and decrease fat intake.

I do all the workouts and push myself, sweating a lot. The rest of the day I’m pretty sedentary, working from home. But I thought 1500 kcal plus working out would be enough to tone up.

What am I doing wrong? Am I being inpatient? Should I try going lower on fat content in my food?

I don’t like starving diets so I don’t want to go lower on the calories. Advise would be appreciated!