Food for thought

As some of you might have read, my husband is in a lot of pain.. Basically he can lie on the coach. This has made dinners a bit special. We always have dinner at the dinnertable, but since my husband can't sit down, he is lying on the couch while eating. My son and I join him there so he isn't alone (though the couch and dinnertable are close to eachother, but it feels so alone). My son thinks it is awesome, eating on the couch :)

One evening I made grilled asperagus and ham, not a typical meal, so normally we would have sat down at the table and really enjoy it.. What do you do for special meals? Do you have a special tablecloth, do you light candles, do you have special plates?

We don't, when we have a special meals, I make the plates in the kitchen so the pots and pans aren't on the table, but that is about it.. Do you like fancy dinners??