one year with FB 🥳

Hello fellow Blenders!

Coming week will mark my first blenderversary 😊 while knowing fitnessblender since 2015 it was may 11 2020 when I signed up here, scheduled my first workout (day 1 of FB 30 R4) and really started a workout habit for the first time in my life. 12 months in I'm still here and can name sports one of my hobbies. Something my 2019 me wouldn't have ever considered a possibility 😅

I started with FB 30 R4, then tackled fit2, abs 2, low impact 2, the fundamentals and the FB20 challenges and recently strong. All of them I did at a rather slow pace. Working out three times a week is about right for me. Five days is too much most of the time.

I quickly lost 6 kg and a couple of centimeters everywhere around my body in the first four months and havn't changed a lot since. So I feel like after a first Phase of kick off my body has reached the shape it wants to have with only minor transformations to come. This shape is still a rather curvy one with a lot of rolls but also one I feel confident and strong with 🙂

To celebrate I restarted FB30 R4 yesterday. And I was oh so sure that I will totally power through that first HIIT routine. Well the first half was okay in the second half I had to take a lot of breaks bc I felt dizzy. I havn't really done HIIT since November and turns out it's still a challenge for me. So although I'm definitely stronger and leaner than one year ago there's still a lot of room for improvement.

I am 100% sure that there will be more blenderversaries to come. I enjoy being here and working out a lot. So thank you FB team for creating All this amazing content and being such a wonderful company. And thank you fellow blenders for being such a welcoming community.

I attached a before and after picture comparing may 2020 and April 2021. It proves my development of a Baby thigh gap that totally took me by surprise. Curious to see if that gap will grow in my second year 😉