“Food for Thought” May 5th

Hello beautiful Blenders,

How are things?

Recently I had an interesting experience. I ate a cookie, which I always eat, but I tried to eat it very mindfully. The result was, I really didn’t like it. That kept me thinking if I eat many things just because I always did without questioning if I really like it. There are foods we like very much, there are foods we absolutely don’t like and then there is so much in-between.

I kind of classify the food. I eat healthy food even if it’s not my favourite. I like to keep a big variety of different foods and I like to think that I can train my taste buds to a certain degree. With junk food and sweets, I try to be pickier. It works to a certain extend.

How are you handling it? Do you eat everything, or are you very mindful and only eat things you really like? Or maybe it depends on the social circumstances. If you don’t want to hurt the feelings of a host you eat the food, even if you aren’t convinced.

Wishing all a great Wednesday.