You are good enough, you deserve to succeed.

I have found myself overwhelmed by task anxiety- panic-related procrastination, where basically your fear of having to complete a task makes it impossible to even start. I'm in a PhD program- tomorrow is my comprehensive exam- and yeah I am really stressed.

I just thought I'd share that one thing that's helped me is positive self-talk, something this community is great at promoting. Saying to myself "I am good enough, I deserve to succeed" makes it easier for me to start working on my tasks. Imposter syndrome is real, and man I feel like a complete fraud constantly- like I'm not good enough or smart enough to be doing what I'm doing.

But, I am, and you are also deserving of achieving your goals too. Whether they are career related or health/fitness related- sometimes the hardest part is just getting started, just TRYING. Fear of failure and fear of success can both be hard to overcome, so I hope you all find a little encouragement if you need it from this post.

Have a great week blenders- you're all amazing!