New Expert Articles and a Note on Collaborations

Happy Tuesday, Fitness Blender family!

As usual, we have two new Expert Articles for you today;

✦ Free: Fight-or-Flight Series (Part 5): Nutrition, Gut Health, and Ways to Tackle Chronic Inflammation

This is Part 5 of our series on the fight-or-flight response. Here we will continue the conversation about nutrition and its relationship to chronic pain and inflammation, specifically in relation to the gut and our microbiome. In addition to short-term disruption to the GI system and the digestive process, exposure to long-term stress causes alterations of the brain-gut interactions or "brain-gut axis," which can be more serious.

✦ FB Plus: What Is Your Best Sleeping Position? Tips To Help You Get a Restful Night

Let’s face it, many factors go into getting a good night’s sleep, only some of which may be under our control. What happens, however, if you have figured out some of the basic good sleep practices, like staying off our phones before bed and going to sleep around the same time each night, but you still find yourself not getting the restful sleep that you need? Well, it might be time to take a look at how you sleep.


Did you notice that we did our first collaboration video yesterday (between Kelli and Kayla), Stiff Neck Stretches and Exercises to Fight Off Tech Neck? We’ve wanted to do this kind of collab for quite some time, and we listened carefully to your requests to provide some guided video instruction to pair with some of our Expert Articles. Well, we hope to have given you exactly this, so let us know what you think—and which collaborations you’d like to see in the future.