Bullet Journal Hack to develop healthy habits!

First of all, sorry for my poor english, I hope you will understand my point and my idea will help you, like it definately helped me!

Alright, I decided to write about this little trick after, I "accidentaly" discovered it, while writing my daily tasks in my Bullet Journal (Youtube/ google for "Bullet Journal" to see what it is, if you don't know).

Most of us, in our monthly/ year bucket lists, have the classic: "This year/ month I will eat healthier/ have healthier habits". Especially if we have YEARS behind of bad habits, how many of us do a sudden and total change and stick with it? Not too many.

What was my sollution? Put at least one healthy task to complete, in the DAILY "to do list",depending by time/ energy I had in that day.

Among cleaning, laundry, appointments, grocery shopping, taking kids from school and whatever you have on your list, you can start squeezing the next:

- Eat at least a salad

- Have at least one veggies meal

- Cut sugar, at least today

- Workout at least X minutes (depends by the time you know you have available for that day)

- Have last meal of the day, 3 hours before sleep.

And many more examples that you have in mind and you think it helps you!

However, this is only an example. The point is, if you write at least 1 healthy thing, in your daily tasks list, you are more likely to complete it, because you see it there and you want to cut it off the list. By the end of the month, you will realise that you managed to achieve way more, doing small steps!

Also, adjusting your tasks daily (and not monthly), it will help you actually stick to them, because you never know how much time you have that day, so you can insert more or less healthy habits to complete. The key is to insert at least one. At the end of the day you will feel like you really achieved something, rather than knowing you didn't do anything from your monthly goal and feel demotivated and be like: "Oh, today I didn't workout cuz I didn't have time, I better go and order some pizza, the day is screwed anyway"...

Maybe, today you have more free time and you can write in your tasks: 30/ 60 min of workout at least + one salad as a side dish for each meal

Tomorow, maybe you are crowded and you don't have time for workout, but you can squeeze the task to eat some veggies in that day, or a salad, or skip sugar stuff/ soda, bad carbs, walk more, rather than using the car/ public transport, etc.

The sky is the limit!

I really hope it helped and it changed your perspective into the "take smalls steps" thing. I really believe it helps more, to develop a healthy habit, rather than the classic "from tomorow I will workout 1 hour a day and eat 100% healthy :)))". Let's face it, not everyone can nail it from the first, because we have different lifestyles, different habits. But exactly this DIFFERENT thing, made me realise that we can adapt our habits daily, rather than following a monthly patters.

Good luck!