Throw out your scale/measuring tape - interesting results after FB Low Impact R2 and FB Blend!

We are a family of life-long athletes. We've done FB 30 and FB Strong several times before and mostly independent workouts with FB for about a decade, but struggle with consistency for indoor workouts.

** FB Low Impact R2 **

We started FB Low Impact R2 at the beginning of February after one of us had an injury with a 4-month hiatus from physical activity and had gotten weak and out of shape. We figured it was a good program with which to safely transition back into regular activity and increase overall strength and fitness.

The first 2 weeks, 2 days/week was all the body could handle. In week 3, it could manage 3 days/week for the next 3 weeks. 5 weeks in, it could do 4 days/week for the next 2 weeks, and finally managed 5 days/week for the final week of that program in the 3rd week of March.

What we loved about Low Impact R2 is the strong emphasis on mind-body awareness and proper biomechanics in all those Pilates workouts (which we used to dread, but now have learned to really enjoy!). This was crucial for rehabilitation post-injury without re-aggravating the injury, and also for creating the habit of proper form. It also helped with overall flexibility.

** FB Blend **

After Low Impact R2, we started FB Blend 2 days later in the last week of March, and were able to do the full 6 days of the program for only the first week. Then we had to back down to 4-5 days/week for the rest of the program for various reasons. We finished the 3rd week of April.

What we loved about Blend was the challenge of more HIIT (nope, still don't love it!) and cardio mixed in with both traditional strength training and Pilates. The extra cardio/HIIT was a healthy challenge and increased overall cardiovascular fitness as well as strength.

** Results **

The goal wasn't to lose weight or get lean/toned, it was simply to rehab from injury and get back into regular physical activity, with the added benefit of having better form, improving posture, and gaining flexibility.

After finishing both programs back-to-back in 3 months, the results were quite suprising!

Weight: +1 kg/2.2 lbs (had initially decreased 1 kg/2.2 lbs, then increased to starting weight, then increased 1 kg/2.2 lbs by the end)

Chest: same

Waist: same (had increased 0.5 in. during the 1st program)

Hips: same (had increased 1 in. twice, during both programs)

So, if one were just going by the numbers, it would be easy to feel discouraged by these "results," but the reality is that the body composition is entirely different and much, much nicer! :)

The same weight and the same measurements have an entirely different shape and look, especially in the thighs and buttocks which went from squarish/chunky to lean and nicely rounded. The muscles in the arms, back, and abs are much more defined and much less fluffy. Wish there were before/after pics, but totally didn't expect such a transformation.

The same everything looks much smaller and leaner because of muscle gained and fat lost simultaneously (an unplanned bulk+cut combined). Even the massage therapist was amazed by the transofrmation and by the fact that the weight increased and the measurements are the same, but everything looks much leaner and better than before. She had a hard time wrapping her head around how someone could look 5-10 kg lighter than they are by gaining more muscle and losing some fat at the same time. ;)

And the best result of all? The person who most didn't enjoy "working out" now looks forward to FB workouts and enjoys them! :D


Coming back from a long injury, there is now an even deeper appreciation of the carefully crafted, well-balanced, safe workout programs FB creates which emphasize proper form, mind-body connection, listening to one's body, challenging oneself safely at all levels of fitness, and which are always positive and encouraging.

Thanks FB for all that you put into us! :D