Exercising with scoliosis...any suggestions?

Hi guys! I've made a few posts where i mention this but now it's really becoming somewhat a painful issue so I was hoping for some more specific insight! Sorry for the long post!

I'm 16, female, and I've been working out with FB on and off for the past year and half. I have mild scoliosis, which never really affected me, until a few months ago when I started weight lifting. Now i've noticed my curve has been getting more pronounced and it HURTS.

My doctor told me to stop weightlifting, because it compresses teh spine and makes the curve worse. This came as a real blow because a) I love weightlifting for my lower body, b) I really want to build mass in my glutes, and c) I was hoping to cut back on cardio by doing strength training, so my metabolism would be higher and I would look fitter.

I'm just wondering if any of you guys have scoliosis, and how do you deal with it? I was reading some articles and there's a whole bunch of stuff I "shouldn't" do, including running and yoga! What exercises can I do to still work my lower body and gain muscle mass (or at least definition) without aggravating my back? Is it okay if I skip some workouts (I'm doing FB30) because of back pain?

Thanks for the support fam (and sorry for the long post!)