I don't like to have breakfast

Growing up I never had breakfast on weekdays. I always had the option but because it made me feel nauseous, my parents didn't push it. I only got hungry around 10am for when I always had a sandwich and fruit packed. I loved having a big breakfast spread with toast, veggies, eggs on weekends though.

Decades have passed and nothing changed. I still don't like having a big breakfast early in the morning, which is unfortunate because I also find I enjoy exercising in the morning most. The problem is that 9 times out of 10 if I work out in the morning, I end up not having breakfast, only my morning coffee and depending on the day I'm having at work, I may have my first ever meal at 1 or 2pm.

I've never used them before, but recently I thought about using protein powders as my post-exercise breakfast, perhaps paired with a banana or other fruits, as this seems like the most realistic breakfast goal to me right now. Could this be a solution to my problem? I know whole foods are always best but I suspect my issue is psychological, maybe it has something to do with feeling rushed or pressured and making myself a big breakfast each morning seems like a big leap from where I am right now.