New to Plus: 30 Minutes to Sweat - Intense HIIT & Core Workout

Good morning FB Family,

How are we, one day into the week?

If you're looking for a workout to shake your world awake and help you sweat up a storm, you might want to try this new 5/5 difficulty workout:

30 Minutes to Dripping Sweat - Intense HIIT Cardio and Core Workout

As you can tell by the cover photo for this one, you're going to finish this workout feeling like a beast! This workout uses high intensity intervals and a thorough core section to give you a great workout in under 35 minutes (including your warm up and cool down).

Intense workouts like this one are a great time to revist this article: What Is the Difference Between "Good Pain" and "Bad Pain" When Working Out?

đź’Ą Less than 1 week - about 5 more days - until the new 4 Week FB Fit Program launches! Workouts in this new round of FB Fit average out to roughly 45 minutes a day - or 60 minutes/day with the Extra Credit Challenges we provide each day, in case you have the extra time and energy to spend.

In the meantime, we hope you love this new workout! Let us know what you think and what kinds of workouts you would like to see next.