Come stretch with me! New Stretching Workout

Good morning FB Family!

We've got a new stretching workout for you: 20 minutes of feel good movements that should be a real treat - either after a workout, or after a long day of work.

Relaxing Stretching Workout - Feel Good Stretches for Stress Relief

With this routine I wanted to share some of my current favorites stretches in one feel good stretching session. Remember when you’re moving through these stretches, that you are asking your body a question, not making any kind of demand. Maintain a sense of curiosity and stay tuned in to how each stretch feels. Our flexibility is yet another factor of fitness that is constantly changing, so don’t be judgemental or forceful of your range of motion or what you’re capable of today. The most important thing is that you have shown up for yourself.

I hope that you love this new stretch - you'll find it as a recovery workout in the new 4 Week FB Fit which launches next Sunday, May 2! This new FB Fit is available for purchase for everyone, and it's also included free with FB Plus. I'm getting excited for the challenge of this intense new program - is anyone planning on starting with me next week? I'm planning on tackling it with the pace goal of at least 3 workouts a week, so it will take me longer than the 4 weeks (but that's totally fine!).

Be here tomorrow morning for a new Plus workout; an intense new HIIT & Core workout with Daniel.

I hope your week is off to a great start!