Food for thought april 26th

Hi all, how was your week? Mine was pretty good. Tomorrow we all have a day off because of Kingsday, but unfortunately we can't do anything this year either because of the lockdown. By the beginning of the summer everyone that wants to be, can be vaccinated, so I am hoping we will go get to do something next year. We don't really care for the day itself, but we always end up hanging out with friends, enjoying a beer outside one of the bars and possibly with a BBQ to finish of the day..

What is the one foodrelated thing you miss most due to the Covid-measures? And if you are one of the lucky ones that get's to do everything because there is no lockdown: what would you miss if there would be? It is spring here and I would really enjoy a BBQ with all of my friends. It is not so much the food, but the company I miss. Also: birthday dinners at restaurants. What about you?? What do you/would you miss?