Collagen Supplements

There is so much information available regarding collagen supplements; it is overwhelming.

At 52 years old, obviously I’m interested in the data, but do not want to succumb to misinformation or fads.

My question to our FB family and nutrition experts... is this an area to explore?

I have definitely noticed some subtle losses in skin elasticity, muscle tone, hair, etc. Again, these are very small changes that only I would notice. And yes.. I have finally eliminated caffeine, processed foods, no sodas (since probably 20 years). I drink water all day and night, although I do indulge in 1 Tito vodka with diet tonic and lime before dinner and 1 glass of wine during dinner.

I am probably going to start eliminating my Tito’s to just on the weekends. I really don’t want to give up my glass of wine with dinner though. Giving up caffeine has been difficult, so I suppose “baby steps?”

Looking forward to feedback.

Much thanks.