Summer plans and family update!

Well my kids have been doing really well for the most part. I started allowing them much more freedom a few months ago, since they are all teens girls and we had CONSTANT conflict about screen time and getting off the couch. So after consulting the doctor, I decided to let go of most of the screen time rules as long as they:

1.) Do their chores

2.) Keep up with their school work

3.) Sign up for 2 activities over the summer and

4.) Respect the 9pm screen time shut off.

Other than that, I’ve let them be on their devices as much as they want. I got them FitBits and offered them rewards based on active minutes, which is what the doctor advised.

This have been going much better around here. At first, the kids did nothing but play on their iPads for a few weeks. Then this week they must have finally gotten tired of it, cause each kid has put down their device and done something else each day. My kids are older so I don’t think this would work with younger kids. But it’s worked for us, and each kid is getting near 150 active minutes a week. They are happier and initiated quality time with me this week. I’m so happy!

I’m also happy that summer is almost here and as a teacher, I get a lot of free time. I signed up for three park district classes that start at 5:45 am. I don’t like sleeping in everyday over the summer. It depresses me and makes me feel lazy. So getting up early three days a week and sleeping in the rest is a good balance. I’ve done this summer routine before, and it is so fun because I can take a beautiful bike ride to the gym (cardio.) The classes I signed up for are all strength and one of them is TRX. Then when I bike home I take the long way around the river. I get home before anyone else is up and enjoy some “me” time while I drink coffee.

My only problem is, how do I fit FB into that routine? I do best with programs. I could start a four week program and reschedule to stretch it out to 8 weeks. Or I could do the short and sweet challenge on repeat. Or, I could just take a break from FB because I get plenty of exercise during the summer months without it. So many choices!