Made it a full week!

I purchased the FB meal plan (2nd version) years ago. I've used it a few times but never stuck long. I found for one person I had a lot of food waste, and honestly despite being delicious, every dinner ended up as a sort of stir fry (guess I'm just not a chef). What it did help me with was learn intake, nutrition options and good real foods to eat. So this time I'm taking those skills and doing things on my own. I am proud of myself, I've made it a full week of clean eating. I'm far from hungry and have incorporated leftover veggies into the next days meals so not feeling the waste guilt.

One trick that is working for me is plan EVERYTHING the day before. I know not all are good for this. Even yesterday I did not mark ahead what my evening snack would be. So sitting at the TV I ended up grabbing a couple cookies from the kids stash instead of my clean treats. I'm still counting this as a win since in other situations I could have eaten the entire bag.

I think I have sent a million thanks to Kelli and Daniel over the years...but another one to them for helping me learn these skills and keep my body healthy.