“Food for Thought” April 21st

Hello beautiful Blenders,

How are things? How is your eating journey going?

First of all, a big thanks to Amanda to keep up the thread on Saturdays for so long. I very much enjoyed reading her thoughts on food. Would anyone have a topic they like to discuss? Just let me or Esther know or just start the thread whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to do it on a regular base. Just whenever it suits you.

Question for today: Do you have some dishes or foods you very much liked as a child, but now you don’t like them as much or at all anymore? Or after a long time you eat something, you have very good memories of and eating it again is kind of disappointing, because it doesn’t taste like you remember it? Maybe you didn’t like particular foods as a child, but now you can tolerate or even like them?

My favourite food as a child was rice pudding. I absolutely loved it. Now it’s something I like but not as my favourite food anymore. Another experience was that after many years my mother made me my childhood chocolate birthday cake again. I was so excited to eat it. And when I finally ate it, I was quite disappointed. It didn’t taste anything like I remembered it. For the last question, I hated mushrooms or olives as a child, but now I eat those things on a regular base and do enjoy them.

What about you? Did your taste change over time or were you tricked by your memories regarding certain foods?