Food for thought april 19th

I did some researching and calculating today. I have been eating in deficit since the beginning of the year and I have hit a plateau. So the next week (or 2, not sure yet) I am going to eat at about maintenance level to reset. It is the right week to do it because my period is coming up as well, so that gives me some room to eat a little extra when I feel like it.

My little sister decided enough is enough (our genes are nasty critters, being overweight is common in our family).. She is on a dietplan that would be frowned upon by most on here, but I am supporting her and hoping she will shed the weight she wants to shed and keep it off as well..

My mom started powerwalking last week because she really needs to shed some weight (she is having health problems due to weight). She has jojo'd a lot over the years, using all kinds of methods.

So, 3 women, 1 family, all going at it a different way. We jojo, though I am trying to find a way to make that stop.. How is that for you? Are you someone with multiple sizes of pants in your closet, or are you still wearing the one you wore 10 years ago? If you shed or (on purpose) gained weight, did you do that multiple times in the same way or did you use different methods. And if so, what works best?