Thoughts on Healthy Eating

When it comes to healthy eating, think of nourishing yourself instead of depriving yourself.

Just like with workouts, time spent working on a healthy meal is always worth it.

When it comes to eating healthy—again, just like with working out—it can seem daunting with so much information out there and seemingly so much time and effort required. It can be easier (and tastier!) than you think, however.

The bottom line with nutrition is that you don’t necessarily need major overhauls all at once, and changes don’t come immediately or without hard work and consistency. Do what you can, when you can. Introduce new dishes or ingredients. Try healthy snacks. Skip the sugary drink in favor of a big glass of water.

Start small, do the best you can, modify as necessary.

We’re ramping up the number of articles on Nutrition and Healthy Recipes we provide on site. For Nutrition articles, we’re turning to Registered Dietitians and for recipes, we’re turning to professional recipe developers and chefs, all with an eye on making information and ideas (and dishes) as accessible and easy to use as possible.

And remember, improvements that you can sustain over the long term (no gimmicks or fad diets) should be the goal. Eating well and exercising regularly, however that works for you, is a lifelong need, and one that will bring consistent healthy benefits.