Workout Highlight and Find Similar

56 Minute HIIT and Strength Workout - Intense Active/Static Lower Body Strength and HIIT

“This Active/Static strength routine would be rough on its own, but we decided to take it to a level 5 by adding in some HIIT just to make sure your legs feel like satisfied, well worked, soggy noodles by the time you are done.”

Are you up for a very tough lower body workout? Are you ready for some glorious noodle legs? If so, give this one a try.

If this one is not quite what you’re looking for today, but you might be interested in something similar, how many of you FB Plus members use the “Find Similar” function?

Similar to the Surprise Me button, we built this simple (but super helpful!) tool that you can use when you just might need a little help finding a great workout.

Our website already has some pretty great filter/search functions (in our humble opinion), of course, but with over 600 videos to choose from, finding a workout that’s “just right” on any given day may be challenging. Enter the “Find Similar” button to help!

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