Little victory!

I have a lot of chronic health problems, one of them causes me to have trouble breathing. So during workouts, especially HIIT, I have to hit pause a couple of extra times cause I'm completely out of breath. Last week I was feeling a bit off, (I have this chronic thing where I get very severe chest pain, tightness on the chest, and extra trouble breathing from out of nowhere, nothing serious though!) and workouts just weren't going so smoothly.

So I took an extra rest day last week, skipped most of the extra credit challenges. And yesterday and today's workout went smooth as hell! Today was lower body HIIT and strength, and no extra pauses whatsoever. Yesterday was cardio and abs - no extra pauses there either. This was one of my main goals - decrease the amount of times I hit pause (while still listening to my body of course, can't ignore the chronic health problems) especially because I also felt I wasn't pushing myself hard enough (I felt a lot of times the extra breaks weren't actually necessary, but hit pause anyway). So happy dance!