Food for Thought April 17

happy saturday beautiful fit blenders! how are you today!

well.. we've talked about everything food related and in my "things they dont tell you about losing weight" book!

in the beginning i felt i had so much to talk about but now here in the US its starting to be summer and im starting to get other things on my mind.

so- would someone like to take over on Saturday? or - maybe Saturday by committee? sometimes i think of things randomly or when im watching a show so at this time id prefer to just post on a random day.

so today - what would you like to talk about?

not food related- this week i finally became eligible for the vaccine in my state! tuesday 6am i sign up for the J&J shot at the pharmacy i use near my house on saturday after my workout and of course sunday is my rest day! yay 1 shot at my preferred time! perfect!! - 2 hours later breaking news - US is pausing use of J&J shot -really? ugh!!! so i had resigned myself to dealing with 2 shots but then pharmacy rescheduled me to a time i couldnt do. *sigh* - im too much of a schedule/routine person to be dealing with all that! so i cancelled for now. if im forced to do the 2 shots it has to be 2 weeks where nothing is planned and since i work 1 weekend a month and such it all has to be planned out now 🙄 - plus if i cant workout i will be VERY upset!

ok talk to me! ❤️