Idea for "automatic tags" for Plus

Hello Fitness Blender Community and Team!

I was thinking that there could be "automatic tags" on all of the videos. Mainly in what program or challenge they are featured. I do a lot of manual tagging for that, and from what I've seen, so do most (all?) of Plus users, so maybe we could save some time by having them all ready?

Having the program tags really helps me to evaluate progress by remembering in which circumstance I did the workout (even though the date indication helps, of course). Also, it sometimes reminds me that I particularly enjoyed this or that program, and helps me decide whether I would like to repeat a particular program next, or try a new program or challenge featuring some of the workouts I like.

Anyway, it's an idea. What do you guys think? And maybe you have ideas for other "automatic tags" that would be helpful for every person using them?