NSV - Pants on the ground

So after sticking to my healthy lifestyle changes for a year I have lost about 40 lbs, with another 30-40 to go in order fall in a healthy BMI range.

With this I have run into a happy annoyance. I can now fit into clothes a size down, but now my current clothes are looser. Not a big issue but when I do HIIT or cardio routines my pants decide they don't want to do the work and start sliding down to the floor.

I am so glad I workout at homeπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

I'm a frugal person and don't want to buy all new leggings. I did buy a couple of new pairs but I also want to find a way to make the looser ones last me a while longer. This way I can not spend a lot of money at once and I can slowly add in a better fitting pair with the continuing weight loss.

Does anyone have tips to help keep my pants up during HIIT and cardio?

I wear the tight legging style work out pants if that helps.