Tuna Lasagna (Lazy Girl Version)

Sometimes, I'm cooking from scratch. But sometimes, I'm just too lazy to wash, peel, cut the veggies, etc and spend hours in the kitchen.

Today, I suddenly get this idea coming out of the blue while looking for something to eat in my kitchen storage cabinet.

• 2 small cans of shredded tuna in tomato sauce and piment d'Espelette (chili) ➡️ protein intake ✔

• creamy or velvety texture vegetable soup (to replace the Béchamel/white sauce) ➡️ vegetable intake ✔

• instant lasagna sheet pasta (no pre-cooking needed) ➡️ carb intake ✔

• some mozzarella

Preparation/assembling work time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes approx. (oven at 200°C)

Minimal dish washing

It would be much better if you have fresh tuna, tomatoes, some herbs, home-made vegetable soup...

But sometimes, you just don't have much time or many fresh ingredients on hand.

The stuffs I found in my kitchen (pic below, just to give you the idea). Feel free to use different/similar ingredients.