“Food for Thought” April 14th

Hello beautiful Blenders,

How are things? How is your eating behaviour at the moment?

I almost forgot to post. But here we are.

I was wondering how passionate are you about cooking? Do you like it? Do you hate it, or you don’t mind? What do you hate the most? Meal planning, grocery shopping or cooking?

I’m probably somewhere in the middle. I don’t mind planning or shopping and I don’t mind putting all the stuff I need for cooking in front of me or cleaning up after cooking, but what I really hate is cutting vegetables. To cook the vegetables afterwards is fine again. Just the cutting drives me crazy. That’s the reason why my husband does all the cutting. He actually is so efficient that I sometimes have to remind him not to atomize the vegetables and keep them recognizable.

So, what about you, which part of the whole meal planning and preparing process do you like and which part would you like to avoid?

Have a great day everyone.