January to April 💪🏼


Thought I’d share this here because I love a good before & after post, and thought someone might like to see what a difference a couple months make.

I haven’t been taking many “after” photos because I get a little down when I don’t see much progress being made (even though I can feel it!)...but I had to do one this time.

Been working out 6 days/week since mid-September with various programs, and I love them all! But Strong was a really great program for me. Loved it so much that I started it over again the day after I finished it.

The photos here are January to yesterday, and I couldn’t believe it! For reference, I started Strong for the first time on 2/1 and finished it for the second time today.

I notice significant muscle building all over, but this is the only comparison photo I took. Lifting has become my favorite type of workout by far. Next up are the Flex and Booty challenges!

If you’re on the fence about lifting heavy, go for it. 😉 💪🏼

Happy Blending!