Family update!

Things have been pretty good here lately. My son turned 5! 😢 Where has the time gone?! He is his typical self...sweet and active. He has a lot of friends in our neighborhood who keep him occupied running around during play dates.

My 12 (almost 13) year old is doing great. She back to school full-time. She’s very happy with her friends. She’s been busy with her social life and been physically active a lot this month.

My 14 year old is still 100% remote because she’s at a special school for science, and they already decided to remain closed the whole year. We worked out a deal with her principal that she doesn’t have to attend her art or music classes online as long as she’s doing community classes. She’s also staying busy babysitting. She has been SO much better in terms of her moodiness. She rides her bike to her art and music class, and runs around with the kids while babysitting. So she’s been pretty active as well.

My 17 year old has been getting around 150 active minutes on her FitBit while at work. Unfortunately she decided to suddenly quit her job, since she feels she will now be more pressured to find a better job. So hopefully that turns out to be true, because her current job is the only thing keeping her active and out of bed.

If you haven’t read my posts before - a little backstory: my kids weights spiked during lockdown. They were very moody about my attempts to get them to get off the couch. So the doctor recommended I get them FitBits and offer them rewards for goals set. The FitBits were optional and I don’t bother them about it, just celebrate successes. So things have been really good this week. Each kid neared 150 active minutes and so got equal amounts of extra screen time last night. They were so happy. They also like to talk and compare their “I got 10 minutes doing that!” And “I beat you for today!” So that has been a lot of fun. I’m so happy I did that!