Perspiration Pals - 11 April 2021 🥳🤗

Hello P Pals, I hope you've all had a good weekend so far.

This meme will be me tomorrow morning, having completed my last day of Booty R2, woohoo!🥳 It's a good program, with lots of strength workouts, but I think I preferred the Booty challenge & R1 more. I felt in R2 that the exercises were a bit too similar & towards the end, even though I love working my lower body, I got a tad fed up of curtsy lunges & deadlifts! I still love squats though, they're still my favourite exercise! Ivett, there were hardly any workouts featuring Daniel, so I'm not sure this program would be for you 😉😝

So, what about you, what workouts/activities do you have planned for today?

Last, but not least, food... what tasty treats will you be having? Do any of you have a speciality that you love to make/are great at making? I'm not an adventurous cook, my partner does most of the cooking (hooray for that), but there are a few simple dishes that I make better than he does (he agrees, btw) such as chilli, chicken tikka masala, oh & chicken, bacon & leek pie 😋 He does the best roast dinner though, when I do it on the rare occasion, I never get the timings right!

Well, we're about to head off for another walk in the 🌞 I have to admit, my weekend of hosting was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Thanks to you all for your support, for sharing your fears yesterday & for reading my posts. I believe Magda/ChocoLena will be back hosting from tomorrow. A huge THANK YOU to Toasty for your fabulous hosting, I hope we will still see some pics of Cookie from time to time...or as often as possible 🤗

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday 😎 😊

P.S. We welcome everyone in these threads. Please feel free to pop by to say just a hello or more, if you'd like. We'd love to hear from you. If you choose to be a silent Blender today, we hope you get the support you seek. Take care xx