One year milestone + & -

I'm so excited that it's almost my one year of FB regular programs. It's been such a wonderful part of my life to try out new programs that are challenging and fun.

My + are that I'm stronger and dedicated. I started lifting weights. I also got power blocks! My - is that although I count calories, do programs each week with rest days, and eat a little greener, I haven't changed much. I actually am gaining weight in both muscle and fat. I can hardly wear my pre-pandemic stretchy pants and no work pants fit. 😔😂 (I've checked TDEE etc. and I'm eating just under calories to maintain, but am gaining.)

Thinking ahead, I am trying to plan for changes to get ready to go back to work in person, aka to stop wearing my cozy, ever so generous leggings daily.

I need to streamline my efforts for my next milestone of returning to work. What's next?