Food for Thought April 10

Happy saturday beautiful fit blenders!

how are you today? im kind of annoyed today 😂

so for those of you with social media accounts - facebook and such -

how do you handle the endless loop of posts about "im on this diet", can anyone help me with that diet" etc? im talking people who have been yoyo dieting for years and/or are now on "those" diets we despise!

ive really stopped saying much on mine because noone listens to me anyway - again - noone can lose weight and keep it off like me because i have good metabolism!! 😂

i have deleted or unfollowed several people ive known for quite a few years because of this(i know its just facebook haha)

the first girl lost 300lbs with surgery(which you have to get approved for go through counseling etc)- we went shopping as a reward, instead of going out to eat -but then over the winter let herself gain 100lbs back!!! im like how?! - she says - shes afraid to be skinny and doesnt want to be forced to stop shopping at her favorite store(you may know it) because they only going down to a size 12 and they have such cute dresses ! what?!

second example - shes up and down all the time - gym has a challenge shes all about it, challenge is over , her motivation goes away.

so.. are you "done" giving advice?

tell me how you really feel today! ❤️