Dealing with pregnancy loss need help

Hi you all,

I am finally ready to share my pregnancy loss story and to seek your support and help. Almost 2 weeks ago i had a d&c (dilation and curettage) procedure to remove a dead fetus from my body.

I was 10 weeks at the time, feeling very much pregnant with growing belly, nausea and heightened sense of smell. At a routine scan i find out my baby died 3 weeks ago but my body played a cruel trick on me, making me believe all is well and continued to produce pregnancy hormones as if everything is great.

I was told that this is a missed miscarriage and that too many women are going through the same devastating experience. Now, i am trying to get back to 'normal' or as close i can to my pre pregnancy self. I need to do a bunch of test to see what went wrong before we can TTC (try to conceive) again.

I am asking for your help in terms of coping with this experience through diet and exercise. I was eating very healthy before and during my pregnancy, but past week was terrible. I am eating more junk food and sweets than i ever have and i am already struggling with extra weight and pregnancy hormones that are yet to get back to zero.

Can you advice on how to get back to healthy diet and exercise?

I was thinking on starting with FB low impact Round 2?