“Food for Thought” April 7th

Hello beautiful Blenders,

How are we all doing today? How is your food journey getting along?

First of all, a big thanks to Amanda and Esther for keeping the thread running and I hope they will continue because I think they have great topics to share. I will start the thread only on Wednesdays, so if anyone else has a topic or question to discuss, please feel free to start the thread at any day you like except Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

My topic today is based on the experience that many people I talk to about eating healthy and exercising regularly have always soo many excuses why they don’t eat well or exercise. I know someone for many years now and each time I meet her she is on another diet. Then she tells me how she already lost 6kg and the next time I see her she regained back 8-10kg. When she is in her regaining phase, she always has so many excuses why she can’t eat healthy and why she can’t exercise right now. She considers herself as very active and athletic but in the same sentence she mentions that right now her foot, knee, hips or shoulder hurts, so she can’t do any exercises. It is very tiring listening to all this over and over again, since years now.

Another friend always tells me that she is good with food and don’t eat that much. I have to mention that she is a little bit overweight and visiting her at her place always makes me wonder, because there are so many snacks around everywhere. She claims that the food is for her family. And at the same time the delivery service from our local fish and chips shop is regularly delivering food, which she eats as well.

My question is, do you have experienced similar situations, where people find 1000 excuses why they can’t eat or exercise properly? Sorry, I hope this post is not to negative, but I am a bit tiered to listen to peoples excuses at the moment.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.