Happy 1st Belated Fitness Blender Anniversary & Lockdown Season 3 (France)

Hi all Blendies!

It's been a year that I'm working out with K&D. Thanks to Covid and lockdown (it's really weird to say this) but I started my fitness journey on April 1, 2020 (and no, it was not April fool). I enjoyed the first 2 weeks of staying at home (mid to end of March) doing nothing but then I promised to myself that I needed to move my butt a little bit to stay fit and sane.

So here I am, still here with all of you guys K&D and all wonderful Blendies. I'm a happy beginner+ and now able to make a list of NSVs:


- super NOT flexible

- rounded shoulders

- nasty lower back pain all the time

- out of breath when bringing grocery bags back home

- no jumps at all

- flabby body

- super tight in my clothes

- level 1 to 3

- 1 kg dumbbells

- not knowing how to start/what to do


- Toe Touch (30 reps? No problem!)

- Almost straight shoulders

- Less intense lower back pain or nothing at all some days

- Bringing grocery bags back home is an enjoyable short workout

- A few jumps

- Less flabby body (with a baby muscle definition)

- Comfortable in my clothes

- Level 1 to 5 with some modifications

- 5 kg dumbbells (8 kg kettlebell soon)

- Now creating my own well-rounded routines

What more can I say? I love you guys and hope to working out and being here with you for more years to come.