Just wanting to rant??? Lol

Hi everyone,

So a very close family member of mine is taking directions from a family practitioner in terms of weight loss.

He has been instructed to only eat “Lean Cuisines” for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that if he eats anything that isn’t in a “Lean Cuisine”, he will ruin ALL of his progress.

What really topped it off for me was he came to a group of us last night and said, “The doctor said that a lot of people think lettuce and tomatoes are low calorie but they’re not, they are actually SUPER high calorie.”

I said, “Thats not true. Lettuce has almost no calories and tomatoes are very low in calories. Maybe he meant salads, because people who put bacon bits, tons of dressing and cheese on their salads end up making them very high calorie.” He then continues to tell me multiple times that I’m not a doctor and that I did not go to school for 10 years and he knows for a fact that the doctor was talking about plain lettuce and tomatoes.

I just didn’t say anything about it after that because I didn’t want to argue.

For some reason today it’s been grating my nerves.. lol. Like, anyone who can read a nutrition label knows that’s not true....