How to skip a day in a program?


I had a little problem with my back a few days ago, during the Complete program. After resting a few days, I was able to do the beginner/low impact options of Complete. Since I'm pretty fit, these were very easy. So I don't feel I need the extra rest day at the end of the week. Is there a way to skip the rest day on the calendar, and have the first day of week 4 right after the 6th day of week 3 on my calendar? Since I'm working out with a buddy (the lovely Julia L!), it would allow me to catch up a bit for the last week of the program. This would not be unreasonable, since I have not been pushing myself at all during the past week basically. So I'm very well rested ^^. And since I have a workout buddy, I would much rather skip the rest day and catch up, than add an extra workout to fill that rest day.

Anyway, please help!

Have a nice day!