Food for Thought April 3

happy saturday beautiful fit blenders!

how are you today? how are your workout and food choices going?

Id thought id bring up another chapter from my book "things they dont tell you about losing weight". it was actually part of a discussion we had during the week.

as you may know- i lost 100lbs 11 years ago counting calories and exercise and ive kept it off except for 1 time about 7 years ago when i met my bf -because we were newly dating we went out to eat a lot and i didnt go to the gym - but my line in the sand had always been "when i have to put the next size jeans on" - well i gained about 10-15lbs and guess what - i had to put the next size jeans on! so -it was time to buckle down!

but after 11 years - people think i have it easy now.. i must never ever never - stress eat, binge eat, boredom eat, overeat, make bad choices. that i dont have to work out as hard or as often. ive had people tell me my "advice doesnt count anymore" - meanwhile theyre doing keto and yoyo dieting and wondering why theyre not losing

so.. what things have people assumed about you since you started eating healthy and/or working out? i can think of quite a few more but id like to hear your thoughts! - and you know -maybe theyre actually true 😂