Celebrating 12 weeks of consistency with 1000cal workout

Hello fbfam!

So, I have exercised just 2 days this week due to tiredness. After taking couple of unscheduled but very necessary rest days, I was feeling good today. Then I thought, “it’s my 12 straight weeks of regular exercising. I shouldn’t feel like I didn’t do ‘enough’ (wrong thinking! Whatever you can do is always enough!) this week! I should celebrate!” So, couple of hours after my usual big Saturday brunch, I decided to tackle the latest 1000cal video.


I wasn’t super confident to be able to finish the routine. But I had to test my endurance for longer duration, there must be something I have gained during last 12 weeks! Indeed I did gain. I knew that if I can pass through the HIIT part, I will sustain. But what I didn’t expect is that I would do 75-80% of HIIT in high impact. I also managed to lift the first set with most of my ability for squats and lunges. I deliberately lowered weights for any bent over exercise just to be sure that my form was correct. It took me an extra 10 min to complete the routine.

I noticed that there is some significant change in designing the longer/harder workout routines of fitness blender in last 2 years. They became more “rehab friendly”. I assume that, to some extent, it has to do with Kelli’s journey to recovery. As a longtime fb user, I welcome this change with wide arms. This is my first attempt to 1000cal routine since December 2018. My entire 2020 was lost in health battles. This January I restarted after a year of nothing. Indeed I consider myself a person going through fitness rehab. And this routine is just perfect for people like me.

I am very emotional right now. When I restarted on 11 January 2021, never in my wildest imagination I thought that I would be successfully completing a 1000cal workout within 12 weeks. Thank you K&D! Words are not enough! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

I wish all you blenders a happy Easter holidays. Stay safe. See you around.