Weekend Exercise Plans?

Fitness Blender family!

Have you done this workout before - Energy Boosting Cardio Jumpstart - Total Body Warm Up Cardio Workout?

Well, it's a quick and efficient bodyweight cardio workout that makes for an excellent energy boost or warm up workout.

Do you ever feel so unmotivated that your body feels like it’s full of bricks? Like any movement at all is a huge ask and the idea of completing a workout is downright laughable? Maybe it's because you've had a rough day, maybe you've sat for too long in front of a screen, or maybe you're even depressed or overwhelmed about life in general. Maybe your motivation to move is just at a low point (these things definitely fluctuate).

Well, no matter why you're feeling sluggish or unmotivated, you know that exercise and working out can make you feel better, be more optimistic, and feel more energetic. It's not going to solve all of your problems, of course, but it's definitely going to better equip you to handle them in a healthy way.

So, what are your exercise plans for the weekend?