NEW Expert Articles and a Short FB Plus Workout for Wrists

We want to highlight two new Expert articles and a very quick FB Plus workout many of you have been asking for related to keeping your wrists healthy.

✦ Free: Trends in Nutrition During COVID

Over the past year, dietitians have seen some unexpected, yet significant shifts in food and nutrition and in the needs of the general public. With this in mind, we wanted to dig into some themes that seem to have cropped up.

✦ FB Plus: The Dairy Dilemma (Part 2/2): Choosing Healthy Dairy Alternatives

In part one of this series, we talked a lot about dairy and about the benefits, health concerns, and content of dairy products. Here in part two, we will be tackling dairy alternatives: why they are on the rise, what the comparisons are, and why you might consider switching from dairy to non-dairy products.

✦ FB Plus: Quick Wrist Stretches for Typing, Gaming, and Desk Work - Hand, Forearm, and Wrist Stretches

So many of us spend long days in front of a screen, typing away on a keyboard, or working with our hands. If we’re not proactive about how we hold, move, engage, and stretch those small muscles, it can result in pain, stiffness, or deteriorating function. Our fingers, hands, wrists and arms are not immune to the aches and pains that the rest of our muscles can experience and it’s important we take care of them. The stretches and movements in this video can help with wrist, finger, and forearm stiffness and mobility.

Every week we put out new Expert articles from our amazing Doctor of Physical Therapy (Kayla @ Fitness Blender) and our amazing Registered Dietitians (Allie @ Fitness Blender and Natalia @ Fitness Blender). We have a long list of topics you’ve asked us to cover, but we’re always listening and willing to add to our list. So, let us know if you have requests.