Food for thought march 29th

Hi all! It is easter next week and the shops have brought out all sorts of food. It has become worse and worse the last couple of years. Every "holiday" is turned into a foodfest. Easter breakfast, lunch and dinner, the more the better. We are not religious, so we don't do anything for easter (except for easter egg hunts with the nephew and nieces, but due to covid, that is not happening). I just dislike the whole "oh, we have a day off, let's stuff our faces with food"-culture that is evolving here.

So, the question for today is: how does your country celebrate special days (whatever days; religious or not, just days off)? Do you see the "stuff your face" trend as well or do you have "healthier" traditions.

Oh, and for our Polish readers: do you do Smigus Dyngus?