FB Flexibility Challenge + NEW FB Plus Challenge Coming Your Way

Fitness Blender family—are you ready for a new week?

To get us started, and to prep for our new FB Plus Abs Challenge dropping on April 1, we wanted to highlight our (free!) 3-Day Flexibility Challenge.

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, this quick challenge can be so beneficial. You can use it as a standalone routine if you’re just getting back into fitness and you’re looking for a gentle place to start—or you can add it onto literally any other kind of training program to see gains in flexibility and range of motion. It's also fantastic for lowering stress levels and relieving tight, sore muscles.

Day 1: Feel Good Fluid Stretches - These stretches follow no rules and have no real structure. Instead, you'll be doing an active stretch or dynamic range of motion that will feel great on your muscles (especially sore ones!).

Day 2: Yoga Pilates Blend - A combination of yoga and Pilates exercises, this workout lightly tones while improving range of motion.

Day 3: Static Stretches - Research has shown that holding stretches for around 30 seconds each is the most ideal and effective way to increase flexibility, and that’s exactly what Day 3 tackles.

So, are you ready to get started? What are your workout plans for this week?