Hey everyone!

So it's been a month since I last posted asking for motivation and your comments really helped me out! I learned that I only not need motivation but I have to be disciplined and determined to achieve my goal. Here I am a month later!!! I have been waiting for the day I could finally share my before and after pics!!!

Before quarantine, I weighed 50kg. Then during quarantine, I ate so much and moved so little. It was mostly out of boredom and stress as well. by the end of 2020 until early January 2021, I weighed 55kg. I don't know what happened during February 2021, maybe I was a mess and was in too much stress? I tend to eat a lot if I'm stressed out so when I weighed in on the last week of February, I was 58kg. That was my heaviest ever. As you fan see in the picture, my tummy is sooo bloated, I don't look healthy at all and I was so disappointed with myself. That was when I posted and ultimately decided to just do it. I told myself it's now or never. Do it now or you're gonna be stuck.

So here I am now a month later. . . I weighed in yesterday and I've never been more happier to see the scale!!! I lost 5kg!!!!!! I feel even more determined now that I saw the results!!!

Things that I did was of course, I exercised as much as I could. Depending on how my body feels, if I'm too tired for the day, I don't push myself hard because I might just hate exercising. I make sure that when I do it, I feel okay and good. I also avoided junk foods, canned goods, instant foods, as much as I can. I still eat them from time to time. Healthy foods are much more expensive but I try to eat more of that. I make sure I eat fruits and veggies everyday as well.

Thank you so much FB Family for the advises and support ❤️ and of course for K & D for creating Fitness Blender. This wouldn't be possible without you ✨✨