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We want to highlight three new Expert articles for you today.

✦ Free: What Is the Difference Between "Good Pain" and "Bad Pain" When Working Out?

“No pain, no gain” is probably one of the most overheard sayings when it comes to working out. While some level of discomfort can be the hallmark of a great workout, there are a few types of pain that should never be ignored, no matter how tough you claim to be. So, where do we draw the line between “good” pain that yields results and the “bad” pain that leaves you vulnerable to injury?

✦ Free: What to Know if You're Considering Knee Replacement Surgery

The decision to get a knee replacement is not always straightforward and requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are some thoughts from our very own Doctor of Physical Therapy (Kayla @ Fitness Blender).

✦ FB Plus: 17 Quick, Easy, and Healthy Snack Ideas

Let’s face it, snacking healthfully can be hard. Especially when you are 5 minutes late to get somewhere and realize you need some fuel before you jet out of the door. It’s easy to grab something unhealthy just because it’s convenient, not even because it tastes good. Here is a Registered Dietitian’s (Allie @ Fitness Blender) take on a great selection of healthy snacks to have on hand when you need an energy boost.

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