Slow and gentle: Day 2

Hello everyone!

Im back with my routine I introduced yesterday. Todays workout was an upper body stretching routine, also one of the newer videos, this time with Daniel.

This is an active stretching routine, which basically means conscious effort involved with your stretching, not just passively holding your arms in various position, so you might even get a bit of a burn going (I certainly did). Also as someone with weak wrists, I appreciated the two wrist stretches as well.

This stretching routine helps quite a bit if you have a desk job and are sitting in front of your computer for the majority of the day. It helped me take note of my posture immediately after I sat down after the workout, while I still feel my upper back and neck muscles.

For those who missed yesterdays post (I will update every post with previous workouts, so at the end there will be a full schedule at the most recent post).

Day 1:

Feel free to tell me whether you are familiar with this video or are you going to try it anytime soon. Or just anything, I will be glad to have a little chat. :)

Take care everyone!