Counting calories?

Hello FB friends! So I have a question to ask, but first a bit of my story :)

I am strugling with being overveight my whole adult life because of hormonal disorder. During last year I made lots of changes in my diet as only exercises did nothing for me. I was always cooking at home and thought how healthy my diet was. But then I discovered there are special requirements when you have problems with hormones. So I made changes and manage to loose about 15 kg in 6 months...quite easily actually. But then I hit plateu in about 4 month ago while doing everything the same and I put 5 kg right back on since then... And I definitely stoped eating junk food all togethether and yet the weight is going up.

I know you are gonna say number on scale is not everything. I am not taking measurments as it turned out I am not able to place the measuring tape on the same spot :D silly me :D and my clothes feel the same maybe even tighter...

I read lots of discusions for this topic here in this comunity. And in this situation people recomended count calories at least for few days to see how much is my actuall intake. So I could adjust it, if needed.

I read also article where in study they asked people to eat only about 1200 calories a day but by the profesionals controlling the study, they were eating about double the amount.

So I thought I would give it a try for few days just to see where I stand. But as I mentioned before everything I eat is home cooked/prepared so I cannot really tract the calories that easily (I know some apps scan the barcode and show you the calories) and I was never into tracking calories, have no clue how much I eat a day... I also considered to buy some meal plan, just for week or so to get better idea about the consumed calories, but I am quite picky and probably would not eat half of the recipes.

So here it the question... Any advise how to count calories in the best way, the most accurately? Or any app recomendation? Or even any other advice on my problem? :D

Thanks :)